Seovic, operate two specialised slip-forming machines, servicing a niche engineering market for the construction of concrete walls and traffic barriers.


The single focus construction operation offers the market a highly technical process to produce formed road barriers and walls in one continuous stream using a specially designed concrete mix.


This process is much faster and more efficient than the traditional cast in-situ or pre-casting off-site processes.


TL-4 Slip-Form Barriers >>
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All types of F-Shape Barriers:
TL-4 and TL5 Median and Edge Barriers

Recent Work

Seovic has recently completed slipform concrete barriers for the following infrastructure projects around New Zealand.

  • SH20 Manukau Harbour Crossing
  • SH1 Eastern Taupo Arterial
  • SH1 to SH20 Manukau Extension
  • SH2 Horokiwi Barrier close-off, Petone

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Extract from AASHTO Roadside Design Guide, 3rd Edition. Metric Dimensions of the concrete barrier shapes



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